Since there seems to be a problem with the Animal Control in this county, we will implement “The Castaways Program.”

The successful rehabilitation program of inmates training unwanted dogs for re-introduction or adoption, while highlighting the plight that both offenders and dogs face and how an unlikely union brings out a change in character of both man and beast. The results are life changing for the offender, dog and recipient. The animal shelter will be solely staffed and operated by prisoners. They will feed and care for every animal. They will be taken out of their kennels and walked twice daily. The current animal control deputy will be trained to assist the prisoners in this program.

The Humane Society estimates that animal shelters care for 6 million dogs every year in the US. Stray, abandoned, and neglected pets are caged in shelters in hopes of adoption - to be a pet to a family or paired with an individual. Over half of these, or 3-4 million dogs, are euthanized.

This program, along with others that have been proven in various jurisdictions, will be implemented in a timely fashion and show positive results in many ways.

In addition, I've already met with the administration of the Humane Society of Union County and hope to form a great relationship with them to be able to address all animal issues within our community.



It's time to give the sheriff's office back to the community.