I hope that each of you fellow citizens are having a great life here in our County and when elected Sheriff of Union County, I would like to continue to improve the quality of life in my home county. As Sheriff, I believe proactively preventing crime is more effective than just putting criminals behind bars to repeat offenses later. As Sheriff of Union County, I want to focus on preventing crime by being more active in our communities by bringing back community policing. I want to bring back the D.A.R.E. program, starting to educate our children as early as possible about the dangers of drug abuse. I’d like a tenfold presence in our schools to protect our children and our future, including working closely with community watch programs, stepping up the Law Enforcement presence in our neighborhoods and community businesses, and having Deputies get out of their patrol cars to meet our tax payers, business owners, patrons, children and anyone who lives in this county to show our support of our friends, family and neighbors.

I am very passionate about serving people throughout the community, and have been for a long number of years. When elected Sheriff of Union County, I will work hard to build and rebuild a stronger law enforcement/community relationship that will lead to a safer environment for all our citizens and visitors.

I would also like to begin cutting the amount of wasted tax payers’ money by implementing a better work release program for short term inmates that will consist of rehabilitation into the job force along with cleanup programs to consist of the clean creek program, clean park programs, clean street programs and cleaner roads program. Why should we pay D.O.T. crews, tax payers’ hard earned money when my inmates will work to clean this county as a part of their restitution?


I will have a professional compliance and a public relations department that will consist of sworn and non-sworn personnel that will do nothing but answer complaints. These departments will be set up to listen to the citizens of Union County. Every complaint or accomplishment will go through this department for consideration on action taken by me as the Sheriff. If you don’t call and let us know there is a problem or a concern, there should be no reason to contact the media or social media to make negative statements about the Sheriff’s Office.

Citizens of our good county, the sale and use of heroin is reaching epidemic proportions in this area according to the US Drug Enforcement Agency -- and many believe high school students are the primary target. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department saw roughly a 40 percent increase in heroin-related arrests from 2013 to 2014. Lancaster County, Union County and even the town of Matthews have all seen heroin trafficking arrests in 2015.

The US DEA adds that there's "not a single high school in the Greater Charlotte region where heroin is not a problem."

Quinones is the author of "Dreamland: The True Tale of America's Opiate Epidemic." His findings show that Mexican drug traffickers have targeted 17 areas across the country to market and push heroin -- with Charlotte being one of the major hubs. Two reasons being an abundance of wealth and a large group of people that are dependent on pain medication. There are 2 major drug intersections in the entire United States-- I-95 and Hwy 74. WHATS BEING DONE ABOUT IT HERE? I say it’s time to start.


It's time to give the sheriff's office back to the community.